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TUBICON is a cloud-based all-in-one platform for live video production and streaming. Users can produce live videos easily with their smartphones and stream them in real time in HD on social media without any additional equipment or investment costs.

All you need to use TUBICON is your smartphone. The production studio can also be easily operated via your PC, laptop or tablet.

No additional equipment is required to use app or studio. You can simply use your smartphone to run TUBICON. The app is available for Android and iOS.

You can use TUBICON anywhere at any time with your smartphone. A standard internet connection or a WLAN for streaming is all that is required.

TUBICON enables you to stream live to your website and on social media or even record your own live videos. TUBICON has a wide range of functions that can be used for live productions.

TUBICON has been conceived so that anybody without specific prior knowledge can produce live videos. Users are introduced to the product during a guided tour. Further guidance is also available in the form of application-specific tutorials.

TUBICON currently offers three packages. A TRIAL version that can be used without restriction free of charge for 14 days. After that the version expires. We offer the fee-based version as a STARTER package containing many other fantastic functions. The price of this package is a competitive double-digit figure per month. You can also purchase extra hours individually. The PRO package is currently available for purchase upon request.

Rest assured, there is no catch! The TRIAL version is completely for free. Here the total production time is limited to 60min for 14 days. Afterwards the version expires. You can stock up to the fee-based STARTER or PRO version at any time.

Apart from its user-friendly interface, TUBICON offers other functions such as screen capture for screen sharing, picture-in-picture and split screen enabling two videos to be transmitted simultaneously, a mixed selection of lower thirds or the microphone-only mode and even a chat function. These features – and many more – enable live productions to be produced professionally.

Screen capture is for screen sharing your content. Share your screen live with your audience. Select also whether you want to share the whole screen or just single windows. With this function you can directly interact with your spectators.

With this function you can insert another video into a small window to your live-video. This special multi-window mode enables you to share two live-videos at the same time. A useful solution e.g. for webinars, e-learning or interviews.

The split screen function enables you to insert two equal-sized live-videos to your live production at the same time. These two videos will be tramsmitted simultaneously. A great and useful feature to produce e.g. live interviews.

No microphone? With the microphone-only mode can use a smartphone as a microphone. This will be synched up with your cameras without any time delay. Click here to watch the tutorial.


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